United Airlines Salutes Winter Olympians, and Its Own Employees, as Superheroes in New Ads – Adweek

Featured in AdWeek: #TeamUnited helps #Olympians fly!

Directed by Martin Campbell of Saville Productions.

The full article (LINK HERE) includes the two anthem spots and a great behind the scenes look at how they came together.


Flight crew includes director Martin Campbell, composer Brian Tyler.

Source: United Airlines Salutes Winter Olympians, and Its Own Employees, as Superheroes in New Ads – Adweek

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New PSN Blog Post

Landmark Feature Film Produced by PSN Baltics Production House Draws Together Top Estonian Filmmakers

The Republic of Estonia will celebrate its centennial in 2018.  The PSN Baltics Partner will mark this milestone with its production of a full-length epic drama entitled “Truth and Justice”.

Oscar-nominated Estonian director Tanel Toom has based his script adaptation on the Estonian literary classic of the same name written by A.H Tammsaare.  The film will premiere across the homeland February 2019 at the end of Estonia’s 100th anniversary….


Production Service Network Blog | Blog

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s new live-action trailer looks almost as good as the movies – The Verge


Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is (at least in theory) set in the same world as the rest of the Lord of the Rings saga. And with the new live action commercial, the game is getting a cinematic adaptation to match Peter Jackson’s iconic films of J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels.

…Live action trailers are increasingly becoming popular in the gaming industry, too — just last month we saw a big Destiny 2 trailer, and Bethesda has also released cinematic trailers for Dishonored 2, Fallout 4, and Skyrim. And while none of these commercials show actual gameplay footage by virtue of the fact that they are live action, the idea of showing what it feels like to be in the game seems to be becoming almost as important as the game itself.

The new commercial was directed by Neil Huxley, who previously worked on films like Watchmen and Avatar as an effects artist before transitioning to directing his own work. The shoot was a fairly large responsibility — Huxley is the first director to handle a live action Tolkien adaptation since Peter Jackson took the director’s chair for The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies. As Huxley tells it, a constant mantra of his on set was to make sure that the final result looked as good, if not better, than the existing live-action Lord of the Rings work.

Read the rest of the article HERE

Source: Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s new live-action trailer looks almost as good as the movies – The Verge

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Saville Productions Director & EP Talk Branded Content at #SXSW2017

The New Hollywood panel at SXSW explores how branded entertainment is transforming the advertising and film world. Leading industry professionals offer advice for brands, agencies and film makers. And illustrate how sponsored entertainment is the future of branded content and the next step in the media landscape. Featuring: Martin Campbell, Director (Casino Royale, GoldenEye), Rupert Maconick – Founder/Executive Producer, Saville Productions, Tom Garzilli – Chief Marketing Officer, Brand USA, and Jody Raida – Director of Development, Mcgarrybowen.

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Working Insights: Independent Perspectives On Repping | SHOOTonline.com

Check out Carolyn’s answers to the questions below HERE

If the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial were made today, the title character would not be phoning home. Instead he’d be emailing, texting, online posting and PR strategizing in order to connect with home–or for that matter anyone or anything else.Indeed phone calls have gone the way of 3/4-inch cassettes in the repping business, which has evolved on varied fronts.

As part of our continuing Summer Survey Series in which industry professionals discuss their roles, work and lessons learned along the way, SHOOT reached out to a cross-section of indie reps to get their takes on the changes they’ve experienced in the business, the nature of their roles and responsibilities, and how they go about connecting with key decision-makers.

We posed the following questions:

1) How long have your been an independent rep? Please list the companies that you currently represent.

2) Please define your responsibilities as a rep and how they have evolved over the years.

3) How has your marketplace expanded with the advent of longer form branded content and varied platforms? While agency creatives and producers remain prime contacts, have you extended your reach to clients, smaller boutique specialty ad/marketing/digital shops, entertainment cos., etc.?

4) Has an increase in in-house agency production and resources impacted your business and how have you adapted to this dynamic?

5) What are the advantages of being an independent rep? The drawbacks?

Source: Working Insights: Independent Perspectives On Repping | SHOOTonline.com

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LBB Online: PSN Gets US Ticket to Worldwide Shoot Support

Production Service Network Signs Representation Deal with US-Based CarolynReps

psn-partner-white (1)

Production Service Network (PSN) a worldwide network of 40 companies headquartered in Madrid, Spain, has inked a national US representation deal with CarolynReps.  Production Consultants Carolyn Hill and Amanda Rosenberg, will shepherd projects with global production needs out of the United States. Projects will vary from commercials and branded entertainment to television and features, as well as still shoots.

PSN Founder Michael Moffett asserted that a number of production executives were considered for the role, but he and his partner, Cristina Mateo-Yanguas, felt an immediate fit with CarolynReps. “We talked with many producers keen to make PSN a go-to reference in the US industry,” Moffett said. “But, CarolynReps was the first to demonstrate it was already positioned to deliver tangible results.  Carolyn and Amanda have a reputation for problem solving.  PSN’s boots-on-the-ground approach to local shoot support worldwide provides solutions for producers of international projects.”

Recent projects that have been routed through PSN’s network include full service of film and still photography in Spain for the global Dentsu Japan campaign to launch the Sony Xperia XA, local support of a VR film for Samsung shot in Netherlands and production for Havas UK/China of still and moving images profiling an entrepreneur in Beijing and Shanghai for the Chivas Venture.

“PSN adds a global dimension to our service,” Hill said.  “We have a long history of matching projects to production companies and are excited to add PSN’s comprehensive list of overseas teams to our roster. New York City is the hub of creativity that ends up all over the globe. Now producers can have the best possible production experience no matter where their shoots take them.” Hill said.

CarolynReps has been consulting and representing animation, production, design, music, and audio post companies since 1998.  “My connections in the business run deep; from agencies, production companies, and even clients. I have been repping in the commercial space for a long time, but I also served on the New York Women In Film Board of Directors with producers from all genres.” She added that CarolynReps agent Amanda Rosenberg’s wide reaching and eclectic production background, which includes advertising, live events and unscripted entertainment, will be useful in expanding PSN’s reach in the US.

CarolynReps will continue to handle its current roster of companies as well as serving as US liaison for PSN and its partner companies.

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