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Exclusive Services

Our career-building advice is frequently sought out by agency producers, production companies, directors, and recent graduates. 

We now can service these requests via group seminars sponsored by the Alliance of Independent Representatives (AIR) or individual consultations. 

Resume & Portfolilo Consultation

  • We will conduct a thorough review of your resume, LinkedIn profile, social media, and website. We will then provide a list of adjustments that can be made to better position yourself within the advertising market.


Current Market Overview & Contacts Consultation

  • We will help focus your job search and/or outreach efforts.


Sales Consultation for Production Companies

  • Broken up into 3 virtual sessions, this will include:

  • Website & and materials review

  • Introduction to the Tools of the Trade

  • Discussion about how to position yourself in the correct markets 

  • 3-month check-in


Group Seminiars for Production Companies & Freelance Directors via AIR

  • Representation Bootcamp 101 for Production Companies

    • Focusing on getting your company ready for representation

  • Representation Bootcamp 102 for Production Companies

    • Focusing on how to work with reps​

  • Representation Bootcamp 101 for Directors

    • An introduction to commercial production for new directors and those transitioning from other places in the entertainment​ industry

  • Representation Bootcamp 201 for Directors

    • Focus on how to hone your personal brand and decide whether to find a roster to call home or remain a freelance director.​

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